Whats is mongodb

MongoDB is an open-source document database and leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is written in C++. This article will give you an overview of how to install mongodb on your mac os will explain how i went about installing the database in this case i was working on big sur but it should work for other versions of the mac os.

Steps to install the latest version of mongodb

  1. Head over to the official download page and download the compressed .tgz file.
  2. Open the terminal and change directory to the Downloads folder cd Downloads .
  3. Move the downloaded archive to the…

laravel artisan commands

Hello, Everyone

It’s been a while since i made my last post , was a bit stranded with projects but i am glad to have found the time to contribute some knowledge to you guys.

Today i will be going through how to create a custom artisan command in Laravel.

I am Doing so cause i have been receiving a lot of emails from you guys asking me to cover this topic, Well if it’s your first time let me assure you it’s so easy and you can also easily implement your own custom command by following the instructions below.

Now a days tools we use to browse the internet require us to follow security standards otherwise they tend to flag our web applications / sites as unsecure.

This can be stressful, I myself have been struggling with this situation for sometime on every Laravel application i have built.Here is an overview on the steps that you can take to make sure your Laravel application is always secure and with https.


First you need to purchase an ssl certificate from your desired hosting provider or certificate authority.

Some Example

After you have purchased your desired ssl…


Hello everyone,

Today will be going over the process of upgrading your macOS PHP to php8.

This is a diversion from my normal programming language posts decided to post it here to help you in case you also end up with such a problem regularly.

To update your PHP this article has an assumption that you have already installed homebrew and you have some version of PHP that you are using on your MacBook.

If you don’t have homebrew install please visit this page ( )to follow steps in doing so.

Let’s continue with the upgrade

Start by making sure brew is up-to-date:


tailwind on laravel

Hey Everyone,

Are you a Laravel dev?

Am sure by now you have heard of a CSS framework known as Tailwind CSS. And you are probably wondering why so many devs are running towards it or why is it becoming popular especially to the Laravel community.

I myself have been using bootstrap in all my projects since 2013. Boostrap has been the go-to CSS framework for most developers for a number of years, but recently tailwind has been gaining popularity among developers.

In this article, I will be narrowing down on the following.

  1. What is Tailwind CSS ?
  2. How is…

During this year's Laracon , Taylor Otwell the founder and maintainer of Laravel showed us a little bit of what Laravel octane is and what it's meant for.

If you are wondering what Laravel octane is and what is the buzz all about in the Laravel community, Seat down and relax while reading this article, I am going to go over what is Laravel octane it's significance to your application.

So what is Laravel Octane?

Laravel Octane is simply an open-source package that is meant to boost your Laravel application performance.

Laravel Octane requires PHP 8, so if you’re still on 7.x, you need to…

GitHub actions with Laravel

Are you a Laravel developer?

Do you use GitHub as your source control ( VCS )?

If yes this article is for you. In the previous article , I had begun by introducing what is GitHub's actions as a continuous integration and continuous deployment tool in general. If you did not go through it please visit it here to get a bit of a glimpse of what is GitHub's actions.

In this article, however, we will be looking at a basic way to start using GitHub actions to run basic tests that will make sure our code is okay when…


So what are GitHub Actions?

Github Actions is a free service which can run on a repo when configured. It is similar to CircleCI which is a CI/CD platform that lets teams build and deliver great software, quickly and at scale,

in the cloud, or on your own infrastructure.

What can you do with GitHub Actions?

  • Run shell commands against our repo code (usually Bash on Ubuntu)
  • Use Github’s cloud infrastructure
  • Trigger on an event, like a commit, a Pull Request ( PR), or on a schedule, even on a manual button press now.

Importance of GitHub Actions

Github Actions takes out the pain of manually running commands on your machine and moves it to the…

Are you writing a laravel application and you require to integrate a bulk SMS solution specifically from

Well, you are in the right place the following is a package solution that can help you quickly get started with API.


  • Laravel Version: ˆ7.2 ==> ^8.0
  • PHP Version: ^7.1|^7.2|^7.3|^7.4|^.0

You can install the package via composer:

composer require epmnzava/bulksms

Update your config (for Laravel 5.4 and below)

Add the service provider to the provider's array in config/app.php:


Add the facade to the aliases array in config/app.php:


Publish the package configuration (for Laravel 5.4 and below)

Publish the configuration file and migrations by running the provided console command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Epmnzava\Bulksms\BulksmsServiceProvider"

Environmental Variables

BULKSMS_SENDERID Provide your desired…

Are you in a situation where you have a laravel application that is of older version and you need to upgrade it?

Here is a step-by-step guide of how I go about upgrading a laravel application to the latest version.

Please note this guide is written when laravel is of version 8.33 and php is of version 8.0.

Laravel framework is divided into two.

  1. the core framework code which is maintained under this repository

2. The skeleton framework that utilizes the core framework maintained under this repository

Both usually get updated from time to time and hence it's…

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