What is Laravel Octane

During this year's Laracon , Taylor Otwell the founder and maintainer of Laravel showed us a little bit of what Laravel octane is and what it's meant for.

If you are wondering what Laravel octane is and what is the buzz all about in the Laravel community, Seat down and relax while reading this article, I am going to go over what is Laravel octane it's significance to your application.

So what is Laravel Octane?

Laravel Octane is simply an open-source package that is meant to boost your Laravel application performance.

Laravel Octane requires PHP 8, so if you’re still on 7.x, you need to upgrade your PHP version. Under the hood, Octane makes use of Swoole and RoadRunner — two application servers, that take care of serving and booting up your Laravel application.

So how will it boost my Laravel application you may ask?

With a normal or traditional PHP application that gets served via a web server like Nginx or Apache, every incoming request is going to spawn a PHP-FPM worker. This means that each request starts up one individual PHP process, that will run through all the necessary tasks in order to serve that one request.

So this means that Laravel Framework needs to be booted, all service providers register their services within the container, all providers get booted themselves, the request goes through a list of middleware classes, hits your controller, a view gets rendered, etc. until we eventually get a response from our server.

In the case of octane using Swoole or RoadRunner, we will still have a worker for each incoming HTTP request, but since they all share the same booted framework. It means only the first incoming request is going to bootstrap the entire framework thus (including all service providers, ….etc.) while every other request can then make use of a ready-to-go framework. And this is what makes Octane so insanely fast.

Are you thinking of using Laravel octane click this link https://github.com/laravel/octane it will take you to the newly fresh repository in Github follow the instructions to have Octane in your project.

Note: Laravel Octane is still a beta software and should not yet be used in production!

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Software Engineer and techprenuer with passion of helping entreprenuers and small businesses using Technology.

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Emmanuel Paul Mnzava.

Emmanuel Paul Mnzava.

Software Engineer and techprenuer with passion of helping entreprenuers and small businesses using Technology.

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